CN November 3, 2011

There’s revolution in the air, and it’s not just Occupy Chicago. Now 28 aldermen have actually sent a letter to the Mayor saying that they aren’t completely pleased with the budget proposals and they demand — well, a meeting, and maybe some conversation. Then, perhaps, they’ll approve the budget unanimously.

Hal Dardick’s been following it all for the Tribune’s Clout Street. Steve Edwards has followed politics for years on WBEZ. And Elias Cepeda has just started a brand-new blog, Make Big Plans Chicago. And they have plenty to say about the week’s news.

Are the proposed cuts to the library system real? Does the Mayor really want to cut so deeply into its staffing and programs? How hard will Commissioner Dempsey fight the Mayor, and how much political capital is she willing to spend?

Speaking of political capital, Pat Quinn used up an armored car-load of it railing against ComEd and its proposed rate-hike-smart-grid legislation, and for what? It might have been one of the biggest corporate/political smack-downs in recent memory, and, remember,  it was Democratic legislators whacking their Democratic governor. The panel also tries to make sense of Bill Daley’s interview with Roger Simon, in which he appeared to be critical of Rahm Emanuel.  And let’s not forget that former Mayor Daley now appears to have a date with deposition over his alleged role in covering up police torture. A busy week.


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