CN June 14, 2012

It was another violent weekend in Chicago, and this week small pockets of that violence migrated to the Gold Coast, River North and the Red Line. It’s leaving Mayor Emanuel and Police Superintendent Garry McCrthy scrambling for explanations and tactics to reduce the mayhem. Natasha Korecki, federal courts reporter for the Sun-Times, appears on the show this week, and says, among other issues, McCarthy and the feds don’t seem to be sitting down and talking that much. There’s need for greater coordination between federal and local authorities, she claims. “McCarthy talks about a perception problem, but it’s a reality problem.”

Eric Zorn (Change of Subject, Chicago Tribune) says it’s time for the City and State to work together in applying RICO-type charges for gang activity.

Korecki talks about her recent interview with Tony Rezko, his first from prison. He talks candidly about pay-to-play, asking for donations for Rod Blagojevich and then putting the same people on very influential boards, and his claims that the Governor knew about pay-to-play and had conversations with Rezko about it.

And the panel takes on the overwhelming CTU strike authorization vote.  J.C. Brizard looked weak, the guest agree, after sending all teachers an email asking them to vote no. And the vote was a clear rebuke to Mayor Emanuel, they say. But more than 30 other states have legislation that prohibits teacher strikes, and this action could re-energize efforts by Illinois legislators to add our state to the list.


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