CN Aug 8, 2013


Did Pat Quinn do the right thing by withholding paychecks for Illinois legislators until they pass pension reform? Neither Chris Robling, a Republican strategist/commentator, nor Dave Lundy, a Democratic strategic/commentator, think he did. It sets too ugly a precedent for any future governor who’s upset with something the legislature does or doesn’t do, they say, and it’s a clear violation of the separation of powers.

Lundy and Robling debate the likelihood that Governor Quinn will see a serious Republican challenger, and talk about ways to make the Metra Board more accountable. And Chris Robling reminds us that Maypr Daley spent hundreds of millions of dollars constructing a train station under Block 37 that will never be used because it has no  tracks to anywhere.

Our thanks to Ethan Michaeli for hosting the show and leading this week’s discussion.



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