CN Nov 10 2016


Delmarie Cobb, Bruce DuMont and Chris Robling have been in too many political battles to count. But the Trump victory was unique even for them. These political consultants, activists, writers and broadcasters sat down with us this week for a detailed de-briefing, and for some speculation about how Donald Trump might govern.

We asked whether there was any possibility that Donald Trump could become presidential.

“Yes.” was DuMont’s quick response.

DuMont tells us that he thinks Trump will keep his promises on the Supreme Court as long as he’s president, but that on many other issues he has more in common with the Democrats than the Republicans, especially those Republicans who didn’t vote for hm.

We bring up the Mike Pence issue, and the fact that most progressives find his views on social issues unacceptable. Given that Trump has already said  Pence will play a major role in day-to-day operation of the government, this is deeply troubling to many people.

DuMont attempted to bat down that fear.

“He’s going to have to answer to a president, president Trump,” DuMont explains.

Delmarie Cobb, who has for years been a solid Hillary Clinton supporter, is willing to see what develops in the immediate future. She says that Trump is from New York and he’s an entertainer, so many of his friends are gay-friendly and liberal on social issues. And she says on the campaign trail, Trump occasionally “just sorta slapped him” when he didn’t agree with him on an issue. So she says when trying to figure out what kind of president he’ll be, she’ll be watching to see “which Donald Trump shows up to govern.”

As four people with years experience in media, we attempt to sort out the role of media in this ugly campaign.  If it weren’t for the media, Cobb asserts, there wouldn’t have been a Donald Trump.  “They gave him three billion dollars of free media,” she claims.  “He paid only 48 million in paid media, and they gave him eight billion”

And because Trump was such compelling television, Cobb says that whenever a story was filed about a Clinton event, Trump was mentioned numerous times in the report, but that the opposite usually wasn’t true.

And Chris Robling says the “Trump on the bus” tape became so hot so quickly that it became the dominant topic of conversation. “It takes all the air out of the room with respect to Hilary’s conversation about him being dangerously, personally, mentally unstable, and somebody who’s got to be separated from the nuclear football,” he explains.

There seems to be a theme on which all our guests generally agree. That the Republican Party, the Democratic Party and Big Media have all essentially run aground, and that all have massive soul-searching and rebuilding to do.





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