CN February 10, 2011

Dick Kay and Sam Hudzik join us for this week’s discussion.  Dick was political editor for 38 years at Channel 5, and today he holds forth every Saturday afternoon with “Back on the Beat” on WCPT radio. Sam is the political reporter at WBEZ-FM. We talk about the politics of snow and the politics of Chicago municipal government. We also spend a generous amount of time speculating about back-room dealing, legal maneuvering, and all the things we love about local politics.

We also take a moment to celebrate the remarkable work of City spokesperson Lisa Schrader with a special award for her attempt to convince Chicagoans that they should still stuff their credit cards into the parking meters even though the City’s not enforcing them and no tickets will be issued. She received our first-ever Award of Public Relations Valor .




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Ken's the host of Chicago Newsroom. A former news director, reporter and radio program host, he's also a past Vice President of the Chicago Headline Club.
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