CN February 17, 2011

Lou Ransom is Exectutive Editor of the Chicago Defender, and his paper endorsed Carol Moseley-Braun for Mayor immediately before this appearance. The mold, he said, is Richard M. Daley. The Defender asked – do we want another Richard Daley or something else? They decided it was time for something else, and that Carol Moseley Braun offered the best qualifications.

Maria de Los Angeles Torres (Director of Latin American and Latino Studies, UIC) joins the panel, too. She says Rahm Emanuel represents a new breed of Chicago politician – autocratic (like Mayor Daley), but also elitist. He represents a new sector – the super rich.

Jimm Dispensa’s also on this week’s panel. Jimm is with Early and Often, Chicago News Cooperative’s specialized, and highly detailed, election coverage. Jimm gives a compelling tour of the most hotly contested ward races, and talks about the outsized influence external money will have on the coming ward runoffs. By the way – Jimm says there will be no fewer than twenty of ’em.


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