CN February 24, 2011

We have fourteen aldermanic runoff races to follow in the next few weeks, so we get started with a special one-hour edition of the Newsroom this week.  It’s a high-powered panel of political operatives, journalists and experts, and we take the fourteen wards with runoffs, one at a time, discussing the candidates and the major issues.

There’s also time for a detailed retrospective on the Mayor’s race and the decisive victory for Mayor-elect Emanuel. There’s even an assertion  from political consultant Delmarie Cobb that the White House intervened with African-American business leaders to pull their financial support from Carol Moseley-Braun’s campaign.  It’s a spirited discussion. (Actually, that’s an understatement.)

In addition to Delmarie, guests include Alejandro Escalona, Sun-Times columnist, Chicago magazine blogger and author Carol Felsenthal and Nadig Newspapers columnist (and attorney) Russ Stewart.


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Ken's the host of Chicago Newsroom. A former news director, reporter and radio program host, he's also a past Vice President of the Chicago Headline Club.
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